The aftermath of all those strawberries & cherries

Strawberry Dream Cake
Strawberry Dream Cake

So we hit the Strawberry and Cherry Trail again today, it was a madhouse out there. We gathered even more strawberries and cherries to add to the pile from yesterday.

This afternoon, while I cleaned our car who required a much needed wash, David took some of those strawberries and cherries and put them to good use.

First up he made a crazy delicious “strawberry dream cake”, strawberry cake with a layer of sliced strawberries, topped with a strawberry cream cheese frosting.

Next he made some cherry jam which used a bottle and a bit of red wine, at the moment it’s still a little too runny so I think he’s going to cook it down again.

Finally he melted some chocolate in the Thermomix and we dipped some of the strawberries in to turn them into little bite-size delicacies.

Strawberry Dream Cake
Strawberry Dream Cake
Strawberries in Chocolate
Cherry Jam

HaPpY BiRtHdAy LiTtLe BrOtHeR

It’s also my little brother’s birthday, he’s only one year away from 40! I’m getting older by the day, but I can still remember when we were kids and all the mischief we used to get up to together.

Happy Birthday Greg, he’s some photos of you as a kid as a trip down memory lane, sorry we live so far away and couldn’t be there for your birthday. We were thinking of you, and gladly spoke to you on the phone, maybe we can catch up for the big 4.0.

November 1982 Putting up the fences at 1 Meela St, Blacktown - 6.jpg
Greg and our little sister Jennifer
Greg Gurney at the Pet Porpoise Pool - Coffs Harbour
Greg at the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour
Most likely this photo was for a brag-book for a soccer club, looks like a mugshot

FaceTime is awesome!

While ringing my family for my brother’s birthday, my sister turned my voice call into a FaceTime call and I got to talk to my niece Emily for a bit. Here’s a couple of photos so I can remember that. Emily was more interested in having me follow the dogs around so she could see them, which is why Joey is feature in one of these photos.

FaceTime with the familyFaceTime with the family

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