Mirrors and Glass


This weekend, we made a couple of acquisitions. First up was a new lens, an early Christmas present. The Canon 50mm, f1.2L lens, it’s a dream.

We went to Digital Camera Warehouse to look at the FujiFilm X100T, a great little camera that’s great for street photography and just as a camera to have in your bag that won’t take up too much room. I wanted one, I wanted one pretty bad, but, on seeing the 50mm in the flesh and looking at it through the camera it made me want it more.

It also made more sense to get this fine lens to add to my kit rather than another camera.

The FujiFilm X100T in Black or Silver
Bill and Jo

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We’ve been hunting for a mirror for our new house pretty much since we moved in. We knew where we wanted to put it, but we weren’t sure of the style we wanted. We ummed and we erred right up to the point it was put in our car and we paid for it.

Sue wanted us to buy us a housewarming gift and has been on at us to pick a mirror since forever. And we finally did.

I really like it, it’s placement is great. We love it.

We got it from Mirror Mirror in Collingwood, we brought it home and we mounted it.


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