Sunny Sundays

This morning we head out to Trentham Falls for a look around. It was such a beautiful day. The falls are pretty cool you’re not officially supposed to go down to the floor of the falls, but some folks were. We were considering it, but then too many people showed up and those who were already on the floor would have been in our shots anyway, so we abandoned that idea.

Trentham Falls

After a quick walk around the shops in Trentham we head home. Sausage sandwiches were on the cards for lunch followed by a relaxing lay in the hammocks out back in our awesome yard, with some special guests.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The day was rounded out watching Doctor Who while having dinner.

I’m really liking the new Doctor, his manner is very different from the early incarnations of these latest seasons. Looking forward to future episodes as he finds his feet, I’m not even minding the Clara character as much as I did during the last season with Matt Smith as the Doctor.

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