This Tuesday Can Be Over Now

Today was probably one of the worst days for me ever. First my computer at work craps itself, nothing I can do can fix it. Might have to go to Apple for a look-see. So late this afternoon I was using my personal computer with my work computer acting as a hard drive.

There was constant construction noise all day in our lane way, blocking off our road, massive holes all over the place, apparently we can expect the noise to continue until next week. New gas works to upgrade yet another thing for the new, almost-finished building up the street. The poor road has already been dug up for drainage and goodness knows what else. This has been a pretty noisy location in which to work.

Then I realised I left the monitor cable at home to connect the computer to the projector at camera club. We don’t use our own projector anymore as the centre has installed a screen and projector, and we use my personal computer, so I didn’t think to pack the camera club computer and stuff today.

In fretting about the cable, I didn’t even consider that I also left the swipe pass to get into the centre at home, only figured it out when I was on the way there!!! No key means no getting in.

I rang everyone I could think of who might know how we might get in, even the community centre manager, who didn’t answer his phone… Finally after like 30 calls to him he called me back, must have guessed it was urgent 😝

Luck would have it while I was on the phone to him, and he agreed we could come pick up his pass, another committee member was ringing to say she’d be a little late, she lives near the centre manager so she could stop in and pick up the swipe card and we’d be in.

In the end we only started 15 minutes late. And then the judge for the night was super quick and it was all over by 9:45, but I was then bailed up by a couple of members who wanted help with Lightroom. 😓 Out of there by 10:20 and had to drop the swipe pass in the letterbox of the centre manager, which is a bit out of the way. In the end it was close to midnight by the time I got home.

Have to get a nice thank you gift, probably chocolates for the centre manager and the member who collected the card, they saved my bacon big time!

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