Sunday 20140608

Lazy days Sundays tend to be, more washing and cleaning. We skipped breakfast and head off to visit Sue and family. Lana had done a dash to their other house, so we missed seeing her.

The plan was to have a visit, then go to the new Nespresso store in the city, afterwards dropping Sue home before we went to Costco on our way home… didn’t quite work that way.

We visited for a while, caught up with Sue’s mum who’s recently been given the all clear from a diagnosis a year ago, almost to the day. It’s been a tough year for the girls, they handled it with aplomb.

We also met their new chicken, a pretty looking thing who flew over the fence one day recently and hasn’t felt the need to leave.

Sue's Chicken
Sue’s Chicken

The city was pretty busy so we skipped the Nespresso run after driving into a carpark doing a few laps and driving out. We then dragged Sue to Costco where we stocked up on supplies before getting a slice of pizza each. I got to say, I don’t mind the cheese pizza and at just $2.99 for a massive slice, you can’t go wrong. We took our pizza and sat at the base of the Melbourne Star ferris wheel to eat.

After dropping Sue off we stopped at the nursery in Rockbank to look for some indoor plants, they didn’t really have anything that caught our eye so next we tried a nursery in Bacchus, if you’re after roses, seems that’s the place to go… We weren’t.

The rest of the afternoon was, for me, spent relaxing on the lounge with Joey and Bill sleeping on/next to me while I caught up on Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey. I love that show, since its first incarnation with Carl Sagan way back when I was hooked. Seems at one point we had a glut of science shows, heck, we even had ads for chocolate with science in them. Then they all went away. Good to see they are coming back.

Street Art in Brunswick
Street Art in Brunswick
Street Art

Antique found at Sue’s

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