Saturday 20140607

Dronie - A selfie courtesy of Elroy

Today started as a usual Saturday does for us, up early, out the door to breakfast. This was our second time to Baby Black Espresso Bar, it may have been our last, we weren’t so impressed with the food. I had the Veggie Patch, the eggs had a strange, or rather unexpected hint of Mexican flavour through them. It wasn’t the case last time, making it all the more unexpected. David had the French toast which he didn’t love, but I didn’t mind the small part I stole from his plate, but could understand how a whole serving of it could be too much.

Veggie Patch from Baby Black Espresso Bar
French Toast from Baby Black Espresso Bar

We went home and I then decide to take Elroy out for a quick morning flight, it kind of looked like rain was in the cards for the afternoon and the wind was picking up so I thought I’d get out there while I could. David opted to stay home where it was warm and finish downgrading his computer. We’d installed the OS X 10.10 Beta and boy is she buggy (as betas often are) so David reverted back to 10.9.3.

With Elroy, I wanted to find somewhere high, with a good view below to fly him from. The good thing about our home is its proximity to open land. I drove over a nearby hill, noting the good launching points but wanted more. I continued along a couple of dirt roads and came to a very, very steep gully road. One of those ones you look at and wonder if your car is going to make it up the other side… It did. But at the base of the gully was a cool location to fly Elroy, sadly it was also a bit of a wind tunnel and I’d easily lose control of him, so I abandoned that plan as soon as it started up his rotors. Not to mention the only place to take off and land was the road that didn’t have great visibility given its high sides.

Elroy and I went to back along the road and I launched him off the road near a water tower on the hill. The view ahead was the Bacchus Marsh West Golf Course and the regular flying place, the pony club.

Flying nicely. Even with a slight cross-wind, I sent Elroy to take a look at the action at the pony club and then across the golf course, all the while videoing the flight. Turns out, on observing the captured footage, I have crappy depth perception at great distances. Where I had Elroy hover, over what I thought was the horses performing in the ring was probably close to 200 metres closer to me than I thought. I’d pointed the camera down and all I got was the bush below. 😓

I then went over to the pony club, at ground level and practised launching and controlling Elroy’s ascent while moving the camera pivot, still trying to get a smooth transition from face to looking down shot. Stupidly I’d forgotten to put the GoPro back into camera & photo mode, so I want capturing video, just photos every 10 seconds. Lame!

When I’d exhausted Elroy’s two batteries I went home, put the memory card in my computer and reviewed the footage… Tried to edit some in Adobe Premier and After Effects, but sadly After Effects isn’t working on the new OS. So all I got was dodgy footage, no special effects. Kind of a fail. I think I’ll be reverting my home computer too.

With the inability to play around with the video, I got onto editing some of my sister’s wedding photos. Finally taking a look at the files they gave me back as selections.

Jenn & Pete complained about a year ago that the only photos they had were pixelated and to be honest I’d never noticed the pixelation in their printed photos on the wall, but they were right. Funny thing is, as I said I looked at the photos on the hard drive they gave back to me and they are the original and some of the edited files, all of them able to be printed beyond the size they have on their walls, so I’m guessing something went wrong when they set up their printing.

Irregardless, I’ve learned a bunch in the four years since the wedding so I’m happy to give the photos another tune up. You can see a couple here. The group shot I had to paste someone in, can you tell who?

The Wedding Party In Fiji
My little Sister on her wedding day

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