Rainy Days are Good Days For Photographers

Focus Stacked Yellow Flower

Today Kathryn was coming over so we could grab some breakfast in the Marsh and head out and take some photos of mushrooms with our macro lenses. Only thing was our plans were mostly washed out on account of the rain that wouldn’t stop falling on our heads, sadly, we realized a little after that the rain has been affecting our pipes for a while now.

Such weather is not very conducive to crawling around in the undergrowth looking for fungi to photograph so a plan B was enacted.

We still went for breakfast. After looking at a few places, even sitting down in one and leaving, we went back to the Lucky Pot Cafe, which David & I went to last weekend. It was OK, but not awesome.

Photogaphic plan B was to stop at the roadside flower store and grab some flowers to take macros of in the warmth and comfort of our kitchen. A plan that worked well. We spent about $20 on a few bunches of flowers and set ourselves up on the kitchen table.

Kathryn actually forgot to bring her shiny new macro lens, but luckily she brought her Canon camera (she also has a Sony & a Nikon, the latter she has the macro lens for) so we could share lenses. She also brought her little ring flash to try out.

We each pick a place on the table, with a black backdrop in the background, and went about snapping our macros. You can see one of the results above and below.

This image is eleven images focus stacked in Photoshop to form the one image. The blurred areas are where I was too impatient with macro rail and moved too quickly through the focal plane. I’ve used this technique before, with a better result on my “Water Colours” which one best digital photo for 2013 at the Williamstown Camera Club.

The original bunch of Flowers
Our Little Setup
Focus Stacked Yellow Flower

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