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Dry Lerderderg Gorge

Yay! For most of Australia today is a public holiday “Queens Birthday”. Sorry WA but you got last Monday off.

I wanted to take Elroy out for a flight and David wanted to take some photos so we decided to head out to the local weir/dam to check it out.

Last time we went to Lerderderg Gorge was with Craig and Mark about 7 years ago. On that visit it was a hot summer’s day and families were swimming in the cool waters. Now it’s dry as the proverbial bone.

Dry Lerderderg Gorge
Taken by GoPro mounted on Phantom 2 (Elroy) [above]
Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park

Was a bit sad seeing the stepping stones lying flat on the riverbed, no longer needed to avoid the river water as it flows by.

We went across the river of stones and followed the trail down to Grahams Dam. I took advantage of the fact there was no water and journeyed along the dry rocks while David went along the path. I came upon a point with enough water pooled to prevent me going further and I made my way through the bush to the path where David was waiting.

On the way we passed a group of walkers with a cute cocker spaniel / labrador retriever cross. David was patting him and the dog decided my foot was a great place to sit.

A curious thing, I’m sitting on the train writing this and I don’t talk to anyone, yet on the trail in the woods you tend to say hello to anyone who passes… Humans are strange creatures.

After the 1.6 km walk to Grahams Dam we realised it needs a name change to “Grahams Puddle”. There wasn’t much to look at, so we made our way back.

Taken & Processed on my iPhone 5S at location [above]
Lerderderg State Park

On the track we encountered:

  • The group of 5 with the cocker/lab cross.
  • Three runners barrelling along.
  • A man and woman with children strapped to their chest and back respectively.
  • A family of 6 with packs on their back and their staffy.
  • A man we decided was a magician who was clearly filming something in the bush. Thinking he didn’t get much done with all the activity on the path interrupting him.

When we got back to the car park we brought Elroy out for his flight. I’m still edgy when sending him up too high or too far, since the day he ran away I’ve been a little more reserved in his flights. I sent him up the dry river bed and up high for a look see, but nothing too adventurous, far too many trees and hills for him to disappear into should he go AWOL.

After the gorge we visited Merrimu Reservoir for some more flying where there were less trees to get in the way. I also got to practice the tilt control. As you can tell from the video below I still need a little more practice, the aim is to get a smooth transition as Elroy rises into the air… so yeah, I need more practice.

In the afternoon we did some housework and I finally got to watch Frozen (2013), not to be confused with Frozen (2010), or Frozen (2005), both of which appear to be thrillers and in one way child-friendly.

Frozen Movie Poster

Frozen (2013) is about two sisters, one of who is enchanted with a power to freeze the very air, a power she sometimes has trouble controlling. It’s a cute movie, but it has complex subplots that kids may not get; Elsa’s relationship with her sister and a sense of betrayal one cannot mention for fear of spoiling the movie.

Two plots missing from the movie, at risk of a small spoiler… We never find out how/why Elsa is enchanted and we don’t find out why Kristof has no family, unless that happened when I ran for a pee-break? Weird these two things were left out of the movie.

Of course these subplots tend to go right over the heads of children and those old enough to question them are probably old enough for a conversation about them. Odds are though kids won’t even notice them given the spectacle of colour and all the singing. There was a lot more singing in it than I expected.

Overall, I really liked it, I’d watch it again.

Other than that I processed a few more photos of my sisters wedding. I should probably share them with her and Peter before I share them with the world.

A few more shots from the dry riverbed showing some of the different types of rock found there

Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park
Lerderderg State Park

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