Jason Mraz – Yes!

Jason Mraz - Yes!

Mr A-Z is soon to be back with his 5th studio album, “Yes!”. From the previews I’ve heard so far the album will follow in the footsteps of “Love is a Four Letter Word” and have a very acoustic sound.

The videos below show a preview of two of the new songs, performed at his organic farm. I really like “Long Road”, I can imagine this song playing on the radio, it’s quite beautiful.

Our relationship to music has changed so much over my lifetime. It’s pretty hard for an artist to find their feet in the a Spotify | Rdio | Pandora | iTunes Radio world.

Most of these services start you off with a song from an artist and move you through “like” artists. Some are curated, some use complex algorithms to determine the next song. It’s rare to get the same artist too many times so the idea of hearing a whole album is pretty much unheard of these days. Because of this, I still tend to buy a lot of music right from iTunes. A lot of my new music still comes from recommendations by friends. My short time on Last.FM and Spotify also yielded some artists that I’ve gone on to buy whole albums. But I’m a child of the 70’s and 80’s, listening to an album all the way through was the done thing. Kids of today are gear toward the streaming ‘radio’ way of things.

The other reason I don’t use these services is bandwidth usage. I typically listen to music while out and about, and I don’t like to stream music while doing so. I like to save my data for other things like posting photos and video from the road. So I still do albums and my own curated playlists. I’m glad I’ll have more Jason Mraz to add to the mix in the coming weeks.

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