It’s Just Not Lego

I find myself a little saddened by the most recent minifig collection; The Simpsons.

I don’t like them all that much, but as an avid (some would say rabid) collection of the minifigs I had to get them.

What don’t I like about them? Their face! Well actually their heads. They are too custom, not at all built on the traditional Lego minifig head. They are an abomination and hopefully not a look at the future direction of Lego. I can stand to think that they may finally do a Doctor Who series (which might be on the cards) only to have them all with custom stupid heads instead of basing them on the normal round heads of Lego men.

You might suggest they had to do this with The Simpsons, given their strange shaped heads, but I submit to you that the show’s creators recently did a Lego-based Episode where they did in fact use standard Lego-like forms to create the characters.

Homer Simpson in Lego

So yes while I’m not loving them and I may well relegate them to the back of the cupboard, I have The Simpsons as Lego. I just hope they aren’t an indication of the future of the minifig sets.

"Hello, this is Mr Burns"
Don't Have A Cow Man
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I try to like them, I really do, but I can't do it. I really don't like The Simpsons minifigs. They just aren't Lego. I'm sad to think they'll probably have a place in the next Lego movie.   Why didn't they make them like they were in the TV episode inste
"Who needs the Kwik-e-mart?"

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