Friday 20140606

Robocop 2014

Work… then to Bunnings to finally pick up our house keys. We had to order them in, they are registered keys requiring ID and proof of home ownership before you can get a copy and then seemingly a 2-week wait.

Pizza night is pretty typical for Friday nights, had Grant Pizza Place – I really like the Twisted Caesar Salad Pizza, yep they put salad on a Pizza. David’s keen to try another pizza place next week, not because there is anything wrong with Grant Pizza Place, just that we have like eight pizza places in Bacchus so we may as well try them all.

We tried to watch That Awkward Moment but couldn’t get into it, once we’d seen the bit with Zack Efron’s attempt at horizontal urination we turned it off, it was like it was trying to be a chick and blokes film wrapped into one, it didn’t work for me. So after that I watched Robocop (2014) while David played Mario Kart on the Nintendo WiiU’s game pad. Kind of cool you can do that, means no taking over the big TV when you want to play your game.

On Robocop (2014), why do they keep remaking movies? And messing them up? As they go, this one wasn’t the worst of the recent remakes. It failed for me in that it didn’t have a clear villain. It didn’t have the menace the 1987 version had with both the company men and the other robot units.

It feels like they throw these out to get the nostalgia viewer and throw the action in (often over the top) to attract the new market, usually sacrificing the story.

They’d be better off saving the money of the remake and put old 1987 movies into theatres as movie marathons.

For me, Robocop (2014) was OK. I’ll most likely not watch it again.

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