Street Kids of Pakistan

That episode of 4 Corners tonight about street kids of Pakistan who are abused and raped was devastating and a stark reminder of how lucky I was to win the DNA-lottery and be born in Australia.

Reports are hundreds of thousands of kids, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, are abused while the police and politicians look the other way. In a nation where women are basically property of their men and are kept out of public view men turn to the street kids, often young boys, for their own pleasure.

Some are paid, some are raped, some are given addictive substances so their abusers can keep them on a leash of dependence. If the raped children report the rape to their families, or it is found out they are prostituting themselves to survive they may be killed, because homosexual sex between males is punishable by death to ensure the “honour” of the family is preserved.

It’s a sad thing… Sometimes we don’t consider how lucky we have it.

But then these shows aren’t about making us feel better about our lives, they aren’t about making us feel bad or guilty that we have it good… They are about informing us to the ways of the world.

If you get a chance watch it on ABC iView. Be a witness. We hold a child’s life sacred above all others, then spare a thought for those children who have to fend for themselves in a country that doesn’t care about them enough to protect them, or a country who is too poor to do anything to combat such a large-scale problem.

Often we hear complaints about refugees coming here… If you don’t bear witness to these things and remain ignorant to the plight of those guilty of no crime other than trying to seek a better life, you have no right to say anything against their desire to come here.

Spare a thought for the rest of the world. We actually have a lot to give. You already won the lottery, you were born in a lucky country.

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