Meet Elroy

Elroy the Phantom 2

I ordered him about a week ago, he’s my 17-year anniversary present, his name is Elroy, and I love him.

Why did I call him Elroy? Well when I was opening the box the theme song from “The Jetsons” was playing through my head, so Elroy it is.

It was raining when I got him home so I wasn’t able to fly him, it was painful to have him sitting there an not be able to fly him. I did however rev him up in the dining room and almost crashed into the wall!

Rule 1: No flying Elroy Inside

There was a quick break in the rain so we ran outside to send him up a little way, I was too scared to let him go too high, it was after all quite dark and I didn’t want to lose him. Besides I think I’ve read it’s against the law to send a drone into the air at night time. They can get quite high and may get high enough to crash with local air traffic.

Rule 2: No flying Elroy at Night

Yesterday was better weather and in the morning I flew him out the back before attaching the Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal and sending him up once more to get a shot of the house from above.

Our House from Above

This afternoon Elroy went down to the local pony club, harness club and poultry club centre (everyone has one of those nearby right?) for a more advanced flight. It was awesome. David took some photos of him flying and I put him through his paces. Then David got to have a go telling Elroy where to fly while I took some photos.

We also recorded video, but I still haven’t done anything with it. The gimbal switch on my controller that is supposed to tilt the camera isn’t working, something I need to look at quick smart.

Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight
Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight
Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight
Elroy the Phantom 2 in Flight

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