Made Out Like a Bandit!

The Lego Box from Gena

A couple of weeks ago Gena, a friend from Photography Studies College, let me know she had a suitcase of old Lego to go to a good home and she thought I might like it… boy would I.

I stopped in and picked it up today, and I seriously did make out like a bandit. The case itself is a great little get. It opens in half, and has two covers keeping the compartments separate. Perfect of Lego.

Feeling grateful to be in the forefront of someone’s mind when an opportunity comes up, but does it mean I’m too obsessed with Lego? Goodness knows if David wasn’t around to reign in my habit I think I’d have a real house built of Lego by now.

It was also a great time, but so fleeting, to catch up with Gena and see where she works. She’s recently graduated from PSC, completing the course we started together four years ago, nuts to think that time has gone by so quickly. I only managed to complete the first year of the course, work got in the way of the part time study.

So for me, it’s Lego time!

Lego Suitcase
The Lego Box from Gena

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