Hard Days Ahead

This past week has been a rough one for my little sister and her husband. Last Friday my nephew Joshua was stillborn. To say it would have been a hard day for Jennifer and Peter is an understatement.

Today they are having a private service for Joshua to say farewell. I can only imagine in the haze of last Friday their grief was mixed with shock. In the days that followed and in particular today there is no buffer of shock just raw emotions.

As extended family I feel their pain, I grieve for the nephew I will never know. I look at their other children, Alek and Emily, and I know that Joshua would have been an asset to the human race, we’re poorer for his passing.

I hate that I am so far away at a time when family should be together. I wish them the best for today, the christmas break can’t come fast enough so I can see these amazing people.

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