A return to the blog

I’m taking a hiatus from Twitter and Facebook, finding I need to consider things a little more. Perhaps I’m losing myself in social media. spending too much time gathering information I’ll never need in my life, consuming bits of information storing them away while I’ll never have to recall them.

So I’m turning the attention back to me at least for a time.

It’s kind of weird to think that blogging is a dying art, that it’s time has already passed, but really it seems to be. Twitter, Google+ and Facebook let us blip out information. They let people (often strangers) give us “likes”, “+1s”, and “retweets” and “favourites” and receive little boosts of pride as someone shows an interest in what we said or did.

But for me, blogging has always been about reflection. It wasn’t so much about telling people what I was doing, more me recording what I was doing or commenting on the doings of society as I see it at that particular time.

So I’m back, no more tweets, no more status updates, just to occasional blog post.

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