Work B*tch

Britney Spears - Work Bitch

It’s my new mantra. Time to get some sh*t done.

I look around at the people I know how are “making it” and while it’s easy to say “Man they’re lucky to have that opportunity.” or “Sheesh what I wouldn’t give to have been picked for that.” etc, it has to be said that for 90% of those people there was zero luck involved. They worked their arses to get to where they are.

No one is handing out silver platters with your dreams on them, you have to forge your own and you have to put your dreams on them.

Of course for about 10% of people it is a matter of right place, right time. Some of them don’t have the talent they should have to be where they are, they are faking it till they make it, and good luck to those people. May they stay one step ahead.

For the others, thanks for the inspiration, your dedication and devotion to your dreams. May you continue to kick me in the arse and keep me moving forward.

I bought a whiteboard last night, it’s now on my wall at home with set items on it. Time to start crossing the items off.

Who doesn’t want a Bugatti or to “party in France”?

Let’s work b*tch.

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