I stole this photo from my brother’s Facebook timeline. It’s my niece Piper who we get to see so rarely. I often lament how far away I live from my family. These little people are growing up so fast, I’m missing so much of their young lives. I’m watching them grow via Facebook and Path.

In this image Piper is jumping on the trampoline in the backyard of their house near Windsor in Sydney. You can’t go past that joy and sense of contentment in her face. It’s a moment beautifully captured while my brother was testing his new lens.

It’s photos like this that really show why photography is important. It wasn’t a “shoot” it was just a dad, testing a new lens with his daughter as the subject and what he captured was a moment in time that will never happen again.

Too soon this little girl will be a little lady, a big girl, a teenager and a fully grown woman. Thankfully these images will continue for as long as they exist to remind her, and all of those who see it, of this moment of joy in her life; a life with any luck will be filled with nothing but such joy.

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