The Kid by Dan Savage

The Kid by Dan Savage

Eye-opening, enlightening and positively scary book. Told through Dan’s conversational style it’s a memoir of the time Dan Savage and his (boyfriend at the time, now) husband adopted their son DJ.

I’ve often thought about having a kid, pretty much all my life I thought I’d grow up to be a father. But life, as they say, gets in the way. Well it didn’t “get in the way” it just altered course a little.

16 years ago I met David and we’ve been together ever since. He’s not a kid person and if we were to have kids, we’d both have to want them. It wouldn’t be fair to the kid if one of his/her parents weren’t as excited as the other, but then I guess that happens all the time.

The story is great, Savage takes us through the full process of the open adoption he and Terry went through 15 years ago. How much luck and chance played in their being selected and the risks and challenges adoptive parents face.

I encourage anyone thinking of adoption to read it, I’m sure Dan and Terry’s experiences are paralleled in most adoption cases.

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