Four Nights, Five Days

Benny The Bear

Four nights, five days… when you read a headline like that you think “awesome, holiday story” you think “luxury and relaxation”, but you’d be wrong.

Four nights is how many nights I’ve been away from home, trapped in a hospital having antibiotics pushed into my bloodstream to battle an infection ravaging my intestinal tract. Those antibiotics have almost done their job.

I’m still a little tender but the pain that had me doubling over four days ago are long gone.

My stay at Werribee Mercy Hospital has been largely uneventful. The highlight of my stay has been listening to how excited the nurses were about getting a new pneumatic tube carrier system. All  I do sleep, watch TV and Movies on my Laptop. I missed my home like nothing else.

David has been to visit every day. His Aunty Maureen and our friends Kathryn and Sue have come to help me while away the time. I sent David home early last night. It’s nuts to make him sit here for six hours at a time.

The ladies who come around taking blood every morning have been amazing. I’m a crybaby patient, especially when it comes to needles. The ladies are known as Phlebotomists, every one of my five blood tests have been quick and painless. It’s regular procedure here, every patient gets a blood test every morning, must be quite the money-spinner. You even have to have a blood test on the day you’re going home.

This morning’s Phlebotomists noticed I was watching Star Trek and enquired about it. She has an 11 year old son who is right into Doctor Who at the moment. She says he’s a fanatic. She said he has the very first episode on DVD and I had to ask, did she mean the FIRST doctor, or the 9th doctor? She meant the first! I was impressed.

My phlebotomists also mentioned her son has expressed interest in Star Trek but she’s not sure she’s ready for him to get into another sci-fi series. I told her to let him have at it. I’m greatly overjoyed to know there are more little sci-fi geeks growing up out there.

Our favourite nurse, Michelle, continues to be a delight. This morning she returned at 7am after an afternoon shift that ended at 9:30pm last night. While most of the nurses have been great, Michelle has been exceptional. And I’m not just saying that because she’s also a Star Trek fan.

My time here is hopefully at an end. I can’t wait to get home, shower, and also hang out with my David, the doggins and Perry. And I can’t wait to get the cannula out of my arm, it has been my constant companion for the last 4.5 days and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.

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