Eek, I’m in hospital… again.

The Good Doctors and Nurses

Stupid diverticulitis strikes again. Diagnosed two and a half years ago I’ve had three bouts of infection caused by diverticulitis disease. It’s not contagious so I’m not sure why they call it a disease.

It’s stupid because there’s nothing that can be done about it and there’s no warning it’s going to hit.

Essentially infection forms in the intestine, in a little pocket that has formed and occasionally traps stuff as it passes through. Given the location an infection goes from start to “give me a knife I want to cut my belly open and rip my guts out” pain in less than 24 hours, at which time, a hospital stay is pretty much guaranteed.

I’m up to day four… with at least a day five on the cards, each day having two different types of anti-biotics pumped into my veins. The first two days being nil by mouth and IV fluids through the same veins.

Yesterday I was on “free fluids” which is basically anything liquid, no solids and today I’m on a Limited Ward Diet. LWD consists of broth (hotwater with a dash of chicken stock), sandwiches (with a bunch of margarine and a sliver of meat), ice cream, apple juice and if you’re lucky, jelly.

On my first night I got almost no sleep. My roommates, three older men, were chinwagging until the early hours of the morning. I got to know all about them, but was reserved and kept to myself. They freely shared their medical histories in great detail, and every other facet of their life.

Things got better after that, they talked less and we all slept more over the next couple of days. One bed in our room seems to have a revolving door. Three of us have been here since the 19th, that bed has seen three occupants come and two of them go.

The staff here at Werribee Mercy have been excellent, as they have been in during my earlier stays.

Michelle, a nurse, is a standout. She’s amazingly compassionate and great at explaining procedures and processes. They have all been super-supportive and comforting of the anxieties of the patients and have been good humoured about the jests my roommates and (sometimes) I have put them through.

David is the real trouper though all of this though. I’ve got it easy, I just have to lay in a bed, or sit by the window reading my book or watching movies. David has had to go to work very early, so he can leave early to come and spend time with me. His dinners have been very late as he tends to stick around until visiting hours are over at 8pm before leaving. I try to tell him he doesn’t have to stay, but he stays anyway… I love him for that.

I can’t wait to get home. I miss David, I miss the doggins, I miss Perry and I miss my own bed! Sad that I’ll be going home Sunday and will probably have to go straight back to work Monday, unless the docs give me some more time off. Not sure work will love that but you know what, being sick and not being at home is hard work. It’s certainly not relaxing. I need a holiday after this.

I feel like I’m getting better. I hurt a lot less than before, but the doctors won’t let me go. They must like me.

Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306
Hospital Stay 201306


  1. I’m currently in hospital having just been diagnosed with diverticulitis. The pain was unbelievable. I’m feeling better on day 4 but still have pain. Apparently I’ll have this for life. How do you live with this “disease”?

  2. Hey Michelle, Here’s to a speedy recovery!

    My first time was 10 days in hospital, it literally took about 8 of those days for the pain to subside. The second time was roughly the same.

    Hmmm I’ve had a few flair-ups… the most recent was easily managed. Now you’ve had it you know what the pain feels like and the trick is to get to the doctor as soon as you start to feel it and get on some antibiotics before it gets too bad.

    My last bought saw me in the emergency room for a day on a drip which is much better than 10 days my previous two flair-ups have been. Expecting to be in for several days I actually packed a bag and took it with me in preparation. Books, chargers for my devices, etc… so yeah, the one day was much nicer.

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