Bike Ride: Point Cook to Williamstown

Top of the Hill in Altona

This last weekend I managed to ride twice, covering a distance of 125km, I was hoping to do the 135kms but my calculations were off a little and a fierce accident saw me a little rattled to make up the extra ten kilometres.

It was a great ride. I left my house, road down one road and then I was on a shared bike/walking track… all the way to Williamstown. For about 35kms I was on the one path. A great resource we have down here is all our bike paths.

Above are some of the images captured with my GoPro, my iPhone (the top pano) and my DSLR (the bike on the beach). Usually I’d make a time lapse of my GoPro photos but I messed it all up yesterday. I did make a time lapse of most of the ride the day before, you can view that on Vimeo.

So the ride to Williamstown was relatively straight forward. I strayed from the path a little to try and find the entrance to the wetlands, I was going to ride through them to take a look around, but recent developments in Sanctuary Lakes made it too hard to find so I returned to the track, this was probably part of the reason for the disparity in the 35km out, but only 25kms back.

I came across the scene in top panorama that I didn’t even know existed until now. Behind the basketball centre in Altona. The 100 Steps of Federation and the Hobsons Bay Millennium Time Capsule are tucked away, largely hidden from the road and only found by riders, walkers and those in the know. It was a great spot for a rest and to check out the view.

Next major spot was Altona Beach. I had to ding a few folks out of the way as they cluttered the path unmoving. A couple of kids were walking and I dinged and I heard the boy say to the girl: “You know what you’re supposed to do when you hear that? Step left. He’s just telling us he’s passing”. A well informed kid. I sometimes feel bad about sounding my bell, I worry folks think I’m telling them off for being on the path… but I’m just saying, “I’m here, about to pass you, be aware”.

The path then winds it’s way along the water, past the doggy beach and all the way to Williamstown Beach where you encounter people walking aimlessly on the bike path, rather than on the walking path (one of the few places they are split). I finally felt that frustration so many cyclists expound. Pedestrians stepping into your way, you breaking quickly or darting out of the way. Some pedestrians who clearly think you should be somewhere else and are offended that you’ve dinged your bell.

I finished the first part of my ride on the Williamstown foreshore, a view of the city and the myriad of boats bobbing in the water. I grabbed a drink and a pie for lunch before heading home.

It was the same path home and should have been quite uneventful but on one part, about ten kilometres from home, I was going quite fast and put my bike up a gear so I didn’t have to peddle so fast. Sadly my bike doesn’t like being in that year, it flipped the chain, the chain got jammed and I was thrown off the bike. I went flying then sliding along the ground. My head hit and then the right side of my body. There was a loud crack as my helmet did it’s job protecting my head.

I have scrapes on my leg, knee, hip shoulder, upper arm and forearm. Thankfully though only a small bruise on my head from my helmet. Had I not been wearing a helmet, going as fast as I was and landing the way I did, I have little doubt I’d have been down for the count.

A nice lady, the only other person in sight, came up to me and said “Are you all right? I just watched that happen in slow motion.” I told her I was fine and nothing was broken. She told me she wasn’t leaving until I was absolutely sure. Even as far away as she was she heard the helmet break. It took a little convincing, but soon she was on her way.

I wanted to stop, to call David and have him come get me. I was a little defeated. Then I thought “no, get on with it you slacker, you’ve ridden this far, you’ll be letting yourself down if you don’t finish”. So I rode the last ten kilometres with a little less effort and I stopped a few times to rest my battered body. But made it home.

Details of the ride:

  • Total ride time: 3:27:39
  • Total distance: 62.2km
  • Avg speed: 3:20/kilometre

I still have a long way to go if I want to make sure i can finish the 135km ride in the Bupa Around the Bay ride on October 20th… not much time to train. Hopefully I’ll get there.

Until I heal, showering and sleeping are not my friends. I did however think of a new product while I was riding, an accessory for the GoPro… might have to look into Kickstarting it. :D

The top of the hill
Bike On Tour of Melbourne
Bike On Tour of Melbourne
Scenes from a bike ride 20130901
Scenes from a bike ride 20130901
Scenes from a bike ride 20130901
Scenes from a bike ride 20130901
Scenes from a bike ride 20130901

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