Halloween – I’m Into It

I used to think along the lines of “oh it’s American” (the bit about “trick-or-treating”) and I’ve little doubt that the American candy companies did in fact bring it to the fore in recent years with ideas of collecting candy.

I also used to think it a grossly stupid idea that for 364 (365 leap years) days we tell our kids to avoid strangers, don’t take lollies and presents from strangers. But now we’re all like… take all the candy you can kids. And sometimes these kids seem to travel independent of adult supervision.

Last year I even sat inside reading a book while kids knocked on the door… but then…

This year I thought bugger it. If they’re going to do it then I may as well join in. So I bought some chocolate bars and waited for people to come.

Only one family came, but they were adorable. I saw the joy in the faces of the kids and the shared joy in the faces of their parents who accompanied them. It was awesome. I loved it and will gladly wait for them to revisit again next year.

The way the world is going I love the idea of anything that bring joy to people AND anything that opens neighbours to neighbours, something that doesn’t seem to happen very much these days.

The photo in this story by Jomundo used under creative commons

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