Kylie Minogue’s Anti Tour

Kylie Minogue, Anti Tour

Last night we went to Kylie’s Anti Tour. It was only announced just over two weeks ago. Two concerts, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, playing to small crowds of only 2,000 people. They both sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale, and I missed out.

After a public out-cry Kylie organised two more concerts. One the same nights as the other two. This meant Melbourne would see the first concert at 8:30pm followed by a second concert at midnight.

The set list below shows how this was an “anti tour”, no hits, and it was married with no costume changes (well one) and no dancing boys. But the crowd didn’t care. It was madness as we danced away to each of the tracks. These were mostly considered “rarities and b-sides” but for fans these were all well known… all but one.

The first track back “That’s why they write love songs” was seemingly unfamiliar to any of the crowd.

So the set list is below. It was brilliant. I would go again.

1. Magnetic Electric
2. Made in heaven
3. Cherry Bomb
4. BPM
5. Mighty Rivers
6. I’m Over Dreaming of You
7. Always Find the Time
8. You’re The One
9. Tightrope
10. Paper Dolls
11. Stars
12. Drunk
13. Say Hey
14. Too Much
15. Bittersweet Goodbye
16. Disco Down
17. I Don’t Need Anyone
18. Got to be certain
19. Things Can Only Get Better
20. That’s why they write love songs.
21. Tears On My Pillow
22. Enjoy Yourself

Here’s a couple of super-dodgy photos I managed to take.

All set for Kylie's Anti Tour tonight.
Tanya decided to go to both concerts as there were still tickets available for the first show.
Waiting for @kylieminogue to start.
Waiting for Kylie to start.

My @KylieMinogue #antitour badges.

My Kylie Minogue Anti Tour Badges

#antitour was awesome. @kylieminogue is a gorgeous performer. Loved the show.
Kylie on stage

Kylie performs the #antitour, thanks for an awesome show little lady!

Kylie performs the Anti Tour

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