I’ve never wanted anything more! Canon 5DMkIII is here!

Canon 5DMkIII

Well since the 5D MKii came out that is.

And now it’s big “little” brother has hit the scene with some new impressive features and an upgraded processor.

For me the newest and most exciting features are the in-camera HDR that will record the combined HDR shot from multiple images plus save the original source images as well AND multiple exposures (up to 9) on a single frame, which is something the Nikonians have had access to for a while now.

These coupled with the new Digic-5 and an improved AF (the same as the 1DMkIV) and metering system and you’ve got the camera I really want in my hands.

The only thing I don’t have is the $4K this baby is going to cost. While it has been suggested I sell my body (the 5DMKII, not MY body) I’d prefer to keep them both as it’s always good to have a second body AND if and when (more when) I start looking into video, will have multiple angles to work with. Plus having two bodies 5D or greater enables one access to the Canon Professional Services which offers all sorts of cool advantages.

So yeah, biggest item on my wish list, even trumping an iPad 3, is the newly announced Canon 5D MKIII. I don’t NEED it, by oh how I want it.

Oh and I’d also spend the extra couple-a-hundred on the GP-E2 unit for GPS tagging of photos. I know, I know, David’s Sony Alpha has that built in, and yeah it’s probably something Canon should have added internally by now but alas it’s not to be. Maybe it will come in the 5D MKIV.

From Amazon

New High Dynamic Range (HDR)

With its new High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode, the EOS 5D Mark III can merge 3 images of varying exposure, in camera, capturing a broad range of shadow and highlight detail and delivering an image with stunning tonal range. Adjustable to cover a range of ±3 stops, and with 5 different effect settings, HDR recording truly expands the parameters of the light and dark detail a camera can actually record, surprising viewers with the range of tones a photograph can accurately recreate.

Multiple Exposure Control

The EOS 5D Mark III offers a new multiple exposure mode for film-like image creation with the convenience of in-camera processing. It offers 4 different compositing methods for proper exposure and composition: additive, average, bright and dark. Multiple exposure shots can be taken in both RAW and JPEG shooting modes, previously captured RAW images can be used as a starting point, and cumulative results can be observed and corrected in real time on the camera’s LCD screen. For multiple exposure captures of quickly moving subjects, the EOS 5D Mark III even has a specific continuous shooting multiple exposure mode.

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