Madonna’s Return

Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin

The queen of pop, Madonna, has returned with her first track from “MDNA”: “Give Me All Your Luvin'”.

On first listen I didn’t love it, granted I’m sitting in a darkened room at 5.30am with the speakers low for fear of waking the rest of the sleeping household, but it took a couple of listens to get it into my head and now it’s firmly fixed there.

We could have done without yet another injection of Nicki Minaj. She’s kind of over exposed at the moment having appeared on what seems like every new track for the past two years, she’s the all-people’s “featured” artist, but she always sounds the same. Nicki’s raps never sound any different and here in “Give Me All Your Luvin'” she sounds out of place. M.I.A.’s softer rap fits a little better, but it’s still not required to make this song a hit.

All this song needs is air-play and it will be stuck in people’s brains like the pointy end of a sharp javelin.

The direction of the video clip has clearly been influenced by Madonna’s upcoming appearance at the Superbowl where she’ll perform as half-time entertainment. “Give Me All Your Luvin'” is the headline track for her set, which is rumoured to also include some older favourites like “Ray of Light”, “Music” and “Vogue”. While “Celebration” isn’t confirmed, it’s believed it will have a presence throughout the set as a mixer track.

For now though, enjoy “Give Me All Your Luvin'”. If you’re lucky enough to have access to the US iTunes Store, you can pre-order Madonna’s “MDNA”, due to hit March 3, 2012, for $9.99 which includes three bonus tracks, one of which is an iTunes Exclusive track. Purchasing the pre-order will see the single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” downloaded immediately, with the rest of the album to follow on official release.

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