Lego: forever awesome

Sure I’m a grown man, but I have to say that’s not a statement I would often make, especially not out loud and especially when there’s a box of Lego in front of me.

Yesterday I was grateful and fortunate to be given some Lego as a birthday present by Amelie and Elliot (and Nikki and Ben) and I couldn’t wait to get home and open it up. We had a great morning having breakfast with them and then checking out local toy store, Jasper Junior (one of our favourites).

Then home to put my lego together. Of course this would have been much more fun to do with the kids, but hey, it was still plenty of fun on my own.

I thought I’d make a time-lapse of it going together, but unfortunately, after setting up the iPhone4S to capture the action with my Gorilla Pod Focus and Gilf+, I forgot to check the phone’s battery level. We got part way through but not all the way. But it was a good proof of concept video and one I’ll repeat when next I get my hands on some new lego.

So here’s the video:

And for good measure, here’s what it looks like when it’s complete:

Police Helicopter

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