Australian Open 2012 Official Program for iPad

We’ve gone international people.

We created the “Australian Open 2012 Official Program for iPad” for Tennis Australia. It’s an iPad app that includes the full print program in two versions, either a PDF View showing it exactly as it appears in the printed magazine or a story version with the PDF’s text inline and much easier to read on the device.

In addition to this we’ve included a news feed and live scores so you’ll be able to see the action real-time in app/

And as you can see from below, we’ve gone world-wide. I’m not certain what they’re all saying but it it’s anything like the feedback we’ve received so far from other english speaking folk, it’s all good.

明日からテニス4大大会のオーストラリアOPが始まるので、『Australian OPEN 2012 app for iPad』ダウンロードしました。錦織圭選手の活躍を楽しみにしています。


 لمستخدمي الآيباد والآيفون ، تطبيق بطولة استراليا المفتوحة 2012 الان متاح على الابل ستور…

Noura Al-Omair

This would have to be our biggest app to date. We’re pretty proud of how it works. It was conceived by us and built in collaboration with another team of developers quite quickly over the Christmas break.

Geoff, the boss, tweeted about it.

Can’t get to the OzOpen? You can still get the official program free on the iPad, a product of @slatterymedia.

Geoff Slattery

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