Sports Related Injury

Oh yeah, I’m big in sports… not… but apparently my abdominal region thinks I am, or else why would it feel it would be right in forming abdominal tendonitis?

Apparently over three years of pain has been a result of the spot where my abdominal muscles come together with leg and pubic muscles being repetitively strained, I am still trying to find a maximum pain relief fast.

I went to the doctor last Friday who basically stopped short of calling the other doctors and specialists “quacks” for wanting to remove a testicle in an attempt to fix my pain in that area. To their credit, that IS where I was feeling the majority of the pain, with the occasional pain in the muscle and right thigh. Constant nausea and a LOT of sleepless night. I had a couple pinched nerves but after going over this Neuropathy Relief Guide I’ve been able to get some relief.

But when I went to see the new doctor on Friday, I told him my story. About a third of the way through he started nodding. He didn’t once try and stop me talking, he was listening to anything and everything I had to say, and when I was done he said “I think I know what’s wrong, but lets just take a quick look before I say anything”.

I jumped up on the bed, shimmied my pants down a little and he touched me in a spot I can only describe as midway between my hip and groid, along that point where the one side of the V appears on men in much, much better shape than I. I pressed, I yelped, he said “yep, you can get dressed now”.

He says the problem is tendonitis. Caused by a repetitive strain in the region and often experienced by football and soccer players. I’m neither.

I was so happy to have a doctor say something definitive I forgot to ask what he thinks may have caused it in my case. But I, as always, have my own theory. When I was younger I had a massive hernia, but on the left side. I think maybe the years of the right having to compensate for the massive tear in the left might have had something to do with ongoing strain. I can certainly tell you it has nothing to do with sport, I don’t do any.

Regardless of the cause, I’m happy I now have a plan for tackling the problem that has been a pain in the, well groin, for over three years. Anti-inflammatories for now, steroid injection in early January and ongoing physiotherapy to repair and heal. YAY.

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