11 ways to improve your photography for free

Craft and Vision: 11 ways to improve your photography

The great folks at Craft and Vision have made a brand new ebook, 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography, available for free. Packed with 11 great tips to help you along the way to making beautiful and compelling photographs.

Often we look around us and snap what we see without really thinking too much about it. We think, that looks good, snap, done. But good photography is more about just snapping away and seeing what you have when you get back home.

There are things to look out for in your composition and techniques you can use to ensure you come home with more keepers and less digital garbage.

11 great tips from 11 great photographers, contained in a beautiful, pdf-based photography book, 11 Ways to Improve Your Photography. Perfect for reading on your computer or on your iPad via iBooks. And yes, it’s completely free.

Really more than just tips, we have 11 great chapters to help us improve our photography and give us focus.

  1. Make your images more dynamic — Piet Van Den Eynde
  2. Tame your digital exposures — David Duchemin
  3. The power of the print — Martin Bailey
  4. Learn to direct the eye — Michael Frye
  5. Understand the stages — Alexandre Buisse
  6. Create projects and collaborate — Andrew S. Gibson
  7. Refine your composition — Nicole S Young
  8. The power of the moment — Eli Reinholdtsen
  9. Forget lens stereotypes — Piet Van Den Eynde
  10. Slow down and learn to see — Stuart Sipahigil
  11. Make stronger portraits — David Duchemin

Of course Craft and Vision have a great number other amazing photography ebooks, all at $5 or less. Check out Craft and Vision for more information.

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