We are Geelong, the greatest team of all!

Geelong Cats, AFL Premiers 2011

The AFL Grand Final 2011 was on today. And what a spectacular game it was. A quick goal from Geelong’s Travis Varcoe in the first 15 seconds of the game set the pace for the entire match.

There was so much tit for tat goal scoring it became edge of your seat viewing right up until the early minutes of the fourth quarter, when Geelong pushed ahead by 3 goals and kept going until they were 30 points a head of Collingwood in the dying minutes of the game.

But when viewing from home there’s that moment when the countdown clock goes from counting down to counting up, and you’re left, gripping your seat, hoping for that siren to go before Collingwood have a chance to regain some ground.

AFL is infectious. I grew up in New South Wales where Rugby League is the dominant game. Since moving to Victoria 7 years ago I’ve become more a watcher of the amazing sport of AFL. I still don’t get all of the umpires calls. Why they blew the whistle and handed the ball to the other players but that’s OK. I’ve attended enough games to know that it’s the same for a lot of people, even if they have followed AFL for their entire lives.

Jaded folk may say I like the game for the hot guys in peak fitness running around the field, and I’ll admit it may well be the thing that brought me to the table. But what keeps me viewing is the same thing that draws me to everything I like in life, the enjoyment of others.

I’ve been in the crowd on game day, I was at the Grand Final last year, and the rush and exhilaration you feel as the crowd goes from hushed anticipation to all out cheers when their team scores is just an amazing thing to experience. But last year my team wasn’t in the game. This year it was different, I needed the Cats (Geelong) to win, I needed to feel the rush for myself. I needed to see the joy of the players on the team I follow. And they didn’t disappoint.

Geelong played an excellent game of football and took the cup 18-11:119 to Collingwoods 12-9:81.

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