The field of dreams

Field of dreams

The casting call is out there and the stage, as it were, is set.

I’ve passed these fields of grass and canola for years, often dreaming of doing a shoot in them, never getting off my butt and doing it.

Now driven by the fact that the fields may not be there for much longer, due to urban sprawl, I’ve made the move to get some shoots done there while there’s a there in which to do them. There’s also a time factor based on the grass appearing to be pretty close to hay-bale time, when it will be mowed down and turned into massive round cylinders of hay. Which could of course be a good location to shoot too.

So far I’ve had three responses to my casting call, two of which I think will be perfect. If past experience is anything to go by at least one of them should commit and we’ll make some great photos.

With any luck both will commit and I’ll get to have a couple of goes at the fields before they are gone.

Field of Grass
Field Test
Field of Grass
Field Test

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