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Last night I spent the night hopping through space until I reached the end of the universe. Want to know what’s there? Not much, a small landmass not much bigger than a football field, enclosed in an atmospheric bubble.

I visited a lot of planets, or planet-like structures and attended two weddings while I slept last night.

The first must have been here on Earth, my whole family was there, and that’s where the spacing hopping began.

The second wedding was on the second hop. In a strange house with many floors and doors and beautiful carpeting by At this one I didn’t see the wedding ceremony, but I saw the preparations, as I moved through the house.

At one point I arrived on a large shelf in a shopping centre and had to climb down the glass shelves to the floor of the store. The female humanoid who was the storekeeper berating me all along, then calling for security once I’d made it to the floor. I left the shopping complex and was outside, saw a dog, patted it and hopped again, still patting a dog (not the same one) when I arrived at the new destination.

Each hop seemed to have a connection. From this hop I went on walking through a field of long grass, so long I could run my hands through it without bending. I hopped again arriving in another field, but this one at the end of a season and the grass was short and brown.

It went on and on, spending what seemed like a few hours at each location. While I did interact with the inhabitants at most destinations, I don’t quite recall what was said, as the memory of the dream is fading almost as fast as I can write it down.

I know the final hop, the one that took me to the little pocket at the end of the universe, was while holding a baseball-like card, looking at the player on the card. When arriving at the final destination, I was again holding a card, this one for a different, unknown, sport. It implied that the world I was on was once much larger. In my time there I was able to make it around what remained of the “planet” and could find no playing areas to play such a sport.

While I love dreams like these, I also hate them a little on waking. Partly because I’m a vivid dreamer, my dreams are often a complete narrative, rather than snapshots, I also often wake from them more tired than when I went to sleep. Almost as if I did live out the time it had taken to play out the narrative.

I also tend to dream on a theme, this one was completely different to any other dream I’ve had before. A refreshing change indeed, but I am so tired, and I only just woke up!

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