I don’t want a “gay marriage”

Marriage Equality

It drives me nuts when I hear the terms “Gay Marriage” or “Same-sex Marriage” when discussing marriage equality. Regardless of where you are in the world it too often referred to as “Gay Marriage”.

I’m gay and I don’t want a “Gay Marriage”, I just want marriage.

I want the right to marry the guy I’ve lived with as a couple for fourteen years. I don’t want anything additional, I don’t want anything separate, I want the same thing my brother and sister currently enjoy as a citizen of our country. I want marriage equality.

I’m pleased to see the latest PSA for “Marriage Equality” doing the rounds in Australia, we need to see more of it. For far too long we, the homosexual individuals of our nation, are told: “no you can’t get married, you should get civil unioned or something other than marriage, you can have the same rights, just don’t call it marriage”.

I mean, even spell checker is telling me there is no such word as “unioned”.

I referred to us as “individuals” rather than a community because we aren’t a community, I don’t know all the other gays in Australia, in fact while I see a large population of gays here in my local area (for which PM Julia Gillard is the local member), I don’t know any of them. We are not bound by our sexuality, we mix with our neighbours regardless of sexual orientation; our friendships and connections are not dependant on who we’re sexually attracted to.

Marriage equality is not an attack on the institution of marriage, it’s the strengthening of it. It’s a firm commitment that as a people we are all the same, because we are.

So yes, “marriage equality” is the correct term. “Gay marriage” is only marched out by those who would like the greater population to believe that what we’re asking for is different. It’s not. It’s just the same. It’s marriage. A commitment we, as a couple, make to one another.

Support for marriage equality is growing, and most people believe that it will eventually happen anyway, so why is our government dragging their heels. It’s time they did what is right, not what they perceive as popular. My life isn’t about them winning points with the voting pool or them implying that by being gay we are somehow different.

Gay Marriage, or as I like to call it Marriage


  1. Thank you! I’m so sick of that horrible term! That’s all I will say otherwise i WILL rant!
    Congrats on the 14 years. :)

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