Geelong Cats: Greater Than Great

Geelong Cats, Greater Than Great

I picked up my copy of “Greater Than Great – Geelong Cats Premiers 2011“. As a record of Geelong’s grand final win over Collingwood the book is an amazing piece or memorabilia. It’s also a fantastic record of their season.

Sure you might think I’m talking this up because my work The Slattery Media Group produced it, but that’s not the only reason. I’m also a Geelong Cats fan, as previous posts may attest.

I didn’t have anything to do with the production of the magazine. It was a massive effort of editorial, design, photography and production divisions. Unlike the Grand Final record, for which the company prepares most of the content weeks (the team content) and months (some of the articles) in advance, the team only has a few short hours to create the content for the premiers’ magazine. From photo selection to writing the wrap of the game and a profile for each of the players who played. The only content that could be prepared before hand is the round by round wrap at the end of the magazine.

So when you see the beautiful 98 pages give a little thought for all the work that went into it and the short amount of time they had. Consider they only had around 6 hours to get it done, including photo retouching, to the printer, printed and in Geelong for the fan day Sunday morning and into selected Coles, Woolworths and news agencies by Monday.

A pretty big effort and as a fan, one I’m grateful for.

Greater Than Great - Geelong Cats AFL Premiers 2011

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