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So I have this friend who is a little into the work of David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who believes the world is controlled by a number of top level families who move our lives, governments, and societies like pieces on a chessboard. This is the Illuminati. Icke believes that these families “feed” on negative energy; fear and hate. He promotes “love” and energies that resonate at a certain frequency and connect us all together. When these are separated we are open to the “lies” and messages from the evil in the world.

My friend recently sat through a 12-hour long session of Icke pontificating on the ways of the world. So I thought I’d look into it.

I recently watched an interview with Aaron Russo, now deceased, about the Rockefeller family’s involvement with the Illuminati and the “running of the world.”

In the interview he talks about the Rockefeller’s involvement with the women’s liberation movement, funding a lot of the lobbying and advertising. Russo mentions how he was told this had nothing to do with giving women their place in the world because they deserved it, rather he recounts being told that this was done because the families saw there was almost 50% of the population that wasn’t paying tax. Money that could be going into the coffers of the government and in turn into the reserve bank as payment for government borrowings. So taxing the ladies meant more money for the top level families.

So this group appears to be in need of a lot of money and a lot of power.

Many wonder why the Illuminati would allow someone like David Icke to exist if he talks them down and encourages people to “wake up” to what is happening to them. I can tell you why.

Because if this group, the Illuminati, were to exist and operate in the fashion Icke and his tribe suggest then they are pretty much untouchable. They also use and need him to spread his miss-informnation. One example was made ever-more obvious by the interview mentioned above.

Universal Healthcare. A system enjoyed by many countries, at the cost of the government and tax payer. And a massive reduction to the billions of dollars made every year by the American health insurance system. Universal healthcare is often rejected by the American’s out of fear of higher taxes and a drain on an already taxed economy. A system that would cost just a pittance when compared to even a month’s spend for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Thanks to the likes of David icke, it’s not just the rich calling for no universal healthcare. The likes of Icke also have the poor and middle-class calling for no universal health care. He has convinced them that with universal healthcare comes poisons and government experiments via vaccinations and government medications. They believe it to be a licence for the government use the poor for experimentation.

So just as the Rockefeller’s supported women’s liberation because it served their purpose, bringing in more money. Then one could assume, if one was to believe in the Illuminati, they are also financially supporting the high-level fight against the introduction of Universal Healthcare along with or via the insurance companies. All the while allowing, and potentially supporting, folks like Icke and their propaganda war against he exact same thing. A great tactical move, fighting the fight on two fronts and let them meet in the middle ensuring universal healthcare will never see the light of day in the US.

So yeah, I don’t know if the Illuminati exist, I don’t know if anything David Icke says is true. But I do know there’s not a lot of point worrying about what the big wigs are doing because if they exist then David Icke is working for them, even if he doesn’t think so. And they are so powerful we all have no ability to stop them so we may as well get on with our lives. And if all we need is love and happiness, that ain’t going to come from worrying for the rest of our lives.

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