Trying out a new theme

So I’ve installed a new theme for my Blog and as usual with the fancy looking themes comes a whole lot more work. Quite a bit to learn. I thought about using this theme for a new site I’m building for a community group I’ve recently become involved in but I can now see that it’ll be too difficult to get instructions together for others to update this type of site.

I much prefer building my own solutions and making them super easy for people to use. This really isn’t one of those.

Even the video tutorial that came with the theme has the guy fumbling around, now sure where he’s at in his instructions and not completely certain how to get it all to work, if the guy who built the theme can’t tell me how it all works, how the hell and I going to be able to tell a group of people who aren’t completely computer savvy?

So I may well use the basis of this theme to create my own. Because I really do like it. But if I manage to get it running like this theme, that’ll be another story.

Stay tuned…

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