Canola Fields Forever

Canola Fields at Sunset

At the end of our street is a massive canola field. Once a year the fields grow into this wonderful sea of yellow and it stays like this for just a few short weeks before the field is mowed down into hay bails.

Of course this has only been the end of our street for a short time. A little while ago the land our house is built on was a field too. It has only been a housing estate for about a year. I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before the field that holds the canola field is taken over for more housing to feed Melbourne’s residential sprawl.

So we’ll enjoy it for this season. It might be the last time we got to.

Canola Field - Point Cook

Beautiful Weeds

It's all yellow, the no sun edition

Clouds on canola

It's all yellow

Sun sets on the canola field in Point Cook

Some folks have asked where this is, it’s in Point Cook, Victoria in Australia. Google Map below shows location.


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