Forgotten how daunting the gym can be


It’s weird that we’ve been getting up at 4:30 am almost every day this past week, going off to the gym to work out to try and lose weight and reclaim some fitness that time and laziness has taken away.

We’re still tending to do all over workouts, not yet refined our program to separate body parts per day, we have some preparation work to do before we dive right into that. So today’s work out was:

  • 8 minute warm up on the elliptical, to get the heart-rate up.
  • Leg extensions: 9,9,10
  • Leg curls: 10,10,11
  • Shoulder press: 5,5,5
  • Chest press: 10,9,10
  • Lat pull down: 7,9,10
  • Supported rows: 11,11,11

Most of these are up from last week’s starting point, except the shoulder press. I have a funny feeling in my right shoulder when I do them so I want to give it some more time to develop on an easier level before pushing it too hard.

All exercises are done as 3 sets with 12 repetitions per set. Supported rows were supposed to be set at 10, but I accidentally set it as 11 and didn’t notice until I went to change it for the second set. Then I left it for the third as the second set was hard to push through.

The numbers are plate numbers, I’m not sure what they correspond to in actual weights, probably not much, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere.

It can be quite daunting when there are other folk who work out there and they are quite fit. But while they are sometimes intimidating, not they themselves just the concept of people who are fit going to the gym while I’m there, they can also be aspirational too. They help to keep us going.

A little sad that over night my weight went up by 1kg. Would like to think it was muscle generation that saw this happen but not sure about that. Perhaps the half a caramel slice I ate yesterday helped my body make some more fat! And here I was thinking everything was good in moderation. Must be better about what I eat.

Having said that, yesterday was a bit of an eating day given that I eat less when I’m at home. I had a shake in the morning, toast with peanut butter and a yoghurt at work, two oranges, a lamb roll and a Caesar salad for lunch, the afore mentioned evil caramel slice in the afternoon, a tangelo when I arrived home and a shake for dinner. I think it might have been all the sugars that got me.

I guess we’ll see over time as the body changes, we’ll care less about the actual weight number and more about what it looks like. But I do have a bit of weight to loose so for now, the numbers will come. Currently at 142.2kg.

Image in this photo from Deposit Stock and not by me.

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