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I’m such an anti-social git, this was quite a big step for me, joining a club of people.

But inspired by Kathryn, who has been going for a while now and is quite the social butterfly, I’ve joined the Williamstown Camera Club.

A great bunch of people, very different in backgrounds and ages. I’ve only been to a couple of meetings so far it has been quite good, but I must confess, sometimes I feel like I’m at something like an AA meeting and at anytime someone may stand and make the proclamation that they are such and such and they have an addiction, for which they had to be in a clinic at for rehabilitation. And let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be far from the truth for most of us photography people.

Meeting every second and fourth Tuesday of the month (why can’t it just be fortnightly, it would be so much easier to schedule) around 60 people come together to talk and show photography. We have competitions every month with a fixed topic and an open category. This month the fixed category is “from on high”, it’s up to you to determine what that means and shoot an image that fits with the category. The open category is, as it would suggest, open to any image. Images are submitted using competition numbers rather than names, to give a sense of anonymity. The judging is performed by an outside person, often a member of another camera club who is known to be knowledgable. And they come along to a meeting and present their critique and provide scores for the images.

This months entries from me are actually older images, in future I hope to shoot specifically for the challenge of the month. That is after all what the challenges are for. To inspire creativity and to push one as a photographer.

Tomorrow I’m off to a club-organised workshop by Shelton Muller. As a member of the club, which costs $60 per year, we have subsidised events. The workshop would normally cost around $60 per person but we only pay $25 and the club pays the rest. They get their money from member contributions, raffles and sponsorship from the local councils for performing tasks, like this month so of the club took photos for a people with disabilities sporting group. The individual photographers don’t get paid, the club does and the photographers get the experience of shooting.

It’s going to be great tomorrow, I’ve seen work from other workshops by Shelton, looks like people have fun and get some good knowledge from them.

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