Another exciting Sunday

I haven’t yet written about last Sunday… the nature of the events may well be enough to push my blog to MA15+ status. But the Sunday just gone was relatively calm in comparison.

The day started with a trip to the Werribee Mansion for a photography workshop organised through the camera club. It was a great morning and while I didn’t get any great shots I learned a bunch and now have a thirst to do some more workshops with the people who ran yesterday’s. We learnt about how to see light and how to manipulate the light.

The most important lesson of the day was that we shouldn’t be hunting locations, we should always be hunting light.

One anecdote included Ken Duncan going bush for three months, and returning with only six photos that he considered usable. We were told its because Duncan is a location-based shooter and has to persist at a location until the light is right. A landscape photographer has to consider the time of day, the weather and the season (which alters the light quality).

It was also a fun morning. The instructors are masters of the one liner and they know their stuff. Can’t wait to learn more.

Behind the scenes

That was only the morning. In the afternoon we went to Sue’s house for dinner and over the road to The East Brunswick Club for the Global Hip-hop Collective. Hip-hop not being our thing we were there to support a friend who was performing.

We also finally got to meet Ameriha a friend of Suez’d who we have heard much about but never met before, we also met her new boyfriend Tom. Lana made us all some amazing pizza for dinner.

Lana's Delicious Pizza

I, of course, took my camera along for the show. It was so dark in there I bumped the ISO all the way to 3200 and even higher to 6400, so there is a fair bit of grain in the shots. But they captured the moment. It was an interesting night, though we didn’t stay the whole evening.

Sound board
Global Hip-Hop Collective

It was still a late night though so today I was so very tired I thought I could have slept at my desk at work. No more late nights for we oldies.

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