Quick tasks at work

It’s not often these days I get called up to take photos at work. Sure I’d love to do more but we have a photography department of 5 people all more capable with their cameras than I. So as usual I only get called up when none of them are around.

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be around when a photo was required last minute for the AFL Record’s Women’s Round edition. A photo of Jennie Loughman to accompany a story about her by Karen Lyon for the issue due to go to print later that day.

Geoff asked if I had my gear with me, to which I answered “where else would it be”, I mean seriously my camera is no more than a few seconds away at any given time.

So we went out the front of AFL House and took a few shots. The one they picked to run wouldn’t have been my choice, but as the photographer you just get to snap the shots, it’s the editors that call the shots at the other end. Either way I’m stoked to have any image in the mag, even if no photo credit was given :(

AFL Record Round 12 2011 june 10-13

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