No more live exports to Indonesia

On the back of the Australian community rallying against live exports to Indonesia where the cattle sent for processing and sale, the Australian Government has halted all live exports to the country until conditions there can be improved.

Not great news for the farmers who rely on live exports but great for the cattle that won’t have to suffer horrendous conditions and treatment until their time of death.

This comes after an initial banning of delivery to the 11 abattoirs featured in a recent 4 Corners episode. However it appears that conditions at other abattoirs weren’t much better so all exports were stopped for now.

I hope it’s sorted soon for all involved it will be hurting our farmers and it will be hurting the people of Indonesia but I doubt there is anything else that would have caused the change that needs to happen to ensure the animals we kill for food don’t suffer needlessly in doing this amazing service for us, all without their consent. Heaven forbid any animals actually develop speech. They may well decide to tell us that they can think for themselves and they don’t appreciate being taken advantage of.

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