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I really truly have done it, deleted my Facebook account. Took a while to “unfriend” everyone. To remove my photos and galleries. It takes ages, but it’s done.

Well not completely. Facebook “deactivates” your account for a period of 14 days so you can change your mind. But as I went through and unfriended everyone already, changed my name, removed my personal URL and everything else, there’s no going back.

I’ve really started to feel disconnected and the funny thing is I think it’s because of the digital connections we make. Many people have commented that they don’t hear from me but still know what’s going on because of my Facebook updates. Others have argued that it’s not the way they’d prefer to hear about everything including short hospital stays. So I’m out.

I’m also not excited about the direction the Internet as a whole is going and it’s being driven mostly by Facebook’s cancerous creep into every part of it. There aren’t any online competitions anymore unless they run through facebook. They are starting to take over the comments sections of sites which means less interaction from anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account. And they are even the login/authentication for many, many sites. Then of course the biggest thing is just the amount of information they constantly collect. Information that time and again has been made available to 3rd parties though tenuous connections.

The final thing is Facebook’s ever changing privacy settings. I’m starting to think all the earlier ones were a desensitisation blitz. Getting people used to the breaches of privacy until they have everyone going “meh” and not worrying much about it as they chip away at your privacy.

So one less distraction in my life, sure there are people on Facebook I’ll miss, but I haven’t died, just changed the way we can interact. If they want to chat still, they know where to find me.

I chose the stock photo above cause I realise that this post seems like a bit of a dummy-spit. Which I guess it is :P

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