Why there will be no rapture today

According to a wing nut in the Americas who has amassed himself quite the audience and some money, the rapture begins today. Today “God” will start to take the holy to be with him in eternal glory while we the unwashed sinners who have denied the one true god are to remain on the Earth until October 21 when that “god” will return to the Earth and destroy all that remains.

Here’s why it’s not going to happen today, tomorrow or any other day hence forth. And why it hasn’t happened any of the other thousands of times some idiot with a voice has said it would happen.

There is no God

It can’t be said more clearly than that. There is not God, there has never been a god of any kind. Just an ignorant people filling a need of belonging and a need to rationalise that which they don’t understand.

I don’t say ignorant as a derogatory term. While it connotes that these days ignorance and stupidity are not the same thing. To be ignorant is to lack an understanding. Either because they don’t have all the facts or the facts have been shrouded from them.

In the past we were an ignorant people. We had no knowledge of how the tides worked, how wind was able to move the branches of the trees or why people had to die. So we invented a god to fill the void. God is absolutely an invention of man, not the other way around.

In the thousands of years that science has been around there has been no findings that support a god but everything that has been attributed to the hand of god has been shown to have a reason for being.

We understand tidal forces, we understand wind currents and we understand that people’s bodies wear out and fail.

Yes we live on a wonderful planet we are blessed, but not by a god. We are blessed by the freak of science that brought this planet into being.

And if you’ve made it this far and you’re a believer in a god and what you’ve read so far is upsetting you I apologise. But this is not a belief, this is what I know to be true. You can claim that I am the one who is ignorant but you’d be wrong. As a youth I sought out God. We were brought up to think for ourselves. We were taught to seek the answers to the questions we had and I did that.

In primary school I attended scripture, rather than spending the time in the library. I attended after-school religious groups. I sought out God. I was left wanting.

I’ve read the bible, but what I had never been exposed to is the preaching, the retelling of stories with a particular bent, with the extended made-up version of the story where preachers went above and beyond what was written on the pages and practically made up extra information through their own interpretation.

So no, there is no god just a collection of men who like to tell others how to live their lives and often that they are wrong, or damaged and need to repent. That’s not a way anyone should be made to feel.

I wouldn’t care so much about the idea of religion if it was just about community, a sense of belonging. But it rarely is. It’s often based on fear. Based on having control over the flock.

Yes if you’ve made it this far and if your church is about community and fun and live and let live that’s awesome. Enjoy it. But if you’re about telling people they are damaged and only with acceptance of god or Jesus Christ can they be saved and find eternal salvation you’re wrong and for you I hope there is no afterlife. The last thing I would wish for you is you survive beyond this life only to find you had given your life to something that didn’t exist rather than living it for you.

There will be no rapture, there will be no armageddon there will be end days brought about by a mythical god. There will just be life, and I wish for you that yours be full of joy, love and laughter always.

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