Who knew cows could scream?

So I did it, I watched the 4 Corners episode from last night today at lunch. I started watching it, and less than 5 minutes in had to turn it off. But sucked it up and watched the rest of the report.

I cried at my desk at lunch. Cried. At my desk. At work.

The report was so very bad. The cruelty those animals, live exports from Australia, go through in Indonesian abattoirs is abhorrent. They are beaten, eyes are gouged, noses ripped, tendons in their legs cut so they can’t move. Animals that are known to become distressed when seeing others in pain are killed in front of each other.

Their necks are hacked open and the animals die in pain. They cry out with their heads half off. They scream. They try and rise up and when they can’t rise their heads slam back onto the wet concrete floor with an incredibly distressing thwacking sound.

One cow in the footage slipped and broke a leg only to then be poked with a stick and an attempt to pull it up by the eye socket that still has an eye in it. When that didn’t work its handler broke its tail in a last ditch attempt to get the cow with the broken leg to move. In the end it has slaughtered where it was. Imagine the pain the poor beast went through prior to its death?

It was bad. I’d link to it but I’m pretty sure iView remove the shows after a while so it wouldn’t work soon, also it really was that bad.

What makes the problem worse is that according to the story, Australians helped pay for the abattoirs to be built and fit out via the Australian Government.

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