w00t, I got Instagram of the day in Melbourne

There’s a guy on Instagram who started an account igersmelbourne. And each day he picks a photo to name IG of the day and today that was me. YAY

Walking in the rain

Now it seems of late I’ve taken a LOT of photos for Instagram, which is mostly a system closed to iPhone users. You have to have an iphone to have the app. And even though you can link to the photos you can’t interact with them outside of the application. Well that’s not completely true as there are now desktop apps like InstaDesk for the mac that let you view and comment on the photos. But you can only submit on your iPhone (at time of writing)

Some will say it seems like a cheat. You’re taking this tiny photo and then processing it on your phone before you upload it. Usually using a predetermined theme. But if you think that means the photos are all same same you’d be wrong.

I’m finding that Instagram is forcing me to think more about my photos. The formats are square, you have consider that when you’re framing your shot and taking it originally in a rectangular format.

I was so happy to be chosen as IG of the day today. :D

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