I know they’re here…

Image by Shahram Sharif

Image by Shahram Sharif

Just beyond the realm of my vision. Sometimes when I’m turning my head I catch a glimpse as they are passing by. I don’t acknowledge them, if they knew that I knew that they were here, I don’t know what would happen. And I don’t want to find out.

The dogs know they are here too. They sense them. They look up the hallway and growl, occasionally the dogs bark when they come a little too close. I call out “silly dog, it’s just the cat at the front door” but of course it’s not. It’s them.

I close the cupboard doors and our drawers at night, it stops them from looking through them while I’m sleeping. And if they happen to go through them ever so quietly they always return them to closed. I close them to ensure there is no ambiguity. The door is either open or closed. Not open one third or a quarter. Open or closed. That way I don’t have to second guess if they have been through my stuff. The doors, they are either opened or closed.

They pass by at times, a little too close, and just ever so slightly out of the corner of my eye I catch the shadow as it passes. A cold feeling consumes my body for a short time. I don’t dare shiver, I own the feeling, I don’t want to show them they have an effect on me.

I always have noise on, like some music, or the TV, something, anything to ensure I don’t hear them moving around. Nothing is more frustrating than when there is something making a noise, but it’s just beyond your vision. Of course I don’t try and shut them up, I don’t try and see them to see what they are doing that would cause such a ruckus, I just make some noise so I can’t hear them.

The neighbours must think there’s always a party going on. I’ve heard the new Prince CD 1,000 times, but it’s better than hearing them and being tempted to look around.

So this is how we exist. In denial. This is my first time mentioning them, and I think they don’t read the same way we do, so I should be all right. Guess we’ll know soon.

You might think I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but that would mean the dogs are crazy too right? I mean we can’t both be crazy? A human and a dog can’t have the same hallucination right? Right?

Shh, here comes one now… don’t look behind you, don’t look… don’…

Image by Shahram Sharif used under creative commons license.

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