A night at the Footy: Geelong v Carlton

Tickets to the big game

A benefit of where we work is cheap AFL tickets! And a bad thing is I don’t make use of them nearly enough. Yesterday’s tickets were supposed to be General Admission but GA tickets had sold out so we were upgraded to reserved seating on level one.

David doesn’t love the footy but I don’t mind watching a game. And I LOVE watching a live game. All the energy of 48,000 people cheering and screaming for their team.

Last night’s game was dedicated to Bob Davis, a Geelong legend who passed this week and the boys ran through a banner for him and a minute’s silence hushed the stadium in his honor.

Bob Davis Legend of the Game
The Cats before the game
Pre-game huddle
Tomahawk up for the bounce

Last night’s game was amazing, a nail biter if ever there was one. Geelong didn’t look great at the start, we were down in the first quarter but already making a comeback in the second. It seemed that Carlton went all out in the first and started to get a little tired in the subsequent quarters.

One thing I’ll give Carlton, they are amazing at kicking the ball and finding a teammate at the other end. Quite a few Geelong kicks seemed to go into the air blind and far too many ended up in the hand of a Carlton player.

The funniest thing about a live game is the point when an umpire makes a call and everyone looks around. The crowd goes quiet trying to figure out what the hell is going on and then when it’s revealed one half or the other of the crowd goes nuts because the call goes against their team. The other half goes nuts because the call went their way.

There are also times when the umpire makes a call one way and then seems to change his mind. I’m not sure if this is because he’s forgotten which team is playing which way or because of the roar of the crowd and the fear of getting out of the stadium alive.

The game was amazing. I yelled a little along with the crowd. I held my face in my hands when the game was close and Carlton had the ball.

It was awesome. I only took our little Panansonic Lumix along so I didn’t get too many shots and they were all a little blurry. But useable for the memories. Can’t wait to go again.

Blues on the ball. Come on Cats get some ball time already!
Tomahawk waiting for the ball
Tom Hawkins on the ball
The final score

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