Jo goes to work

Jo visits AFL House

Today Jo had a little adventure. David went home around 2pm to collect her so she could spend the rest of the afternoon at work. Around and around the office she went. But not on her own feet. There was no chance she was going to get to use her legs with so many willing to carry and cuddle her from department to department.

Everyone says how cute she is, and it’s lame that I’m like a proud father who agrees that yep she really is a cute puppy.


Not sure how Bill feels about her trip to work, leaving him at home alone. Maybe he was grateful for the time away.

By the end of the afternoon Jo was curled up in the corner of my desk on my jacket. We had speeches for Lynley in design who was leaving today. As Jo was sound asleep we figured she’d be safe there for ten minutes. By the time speeches were done and I’d made it back to my desk Jo was already up and in the arms of a couple of the girls in the office.


I took her outside to pee, cause that’s what puppies do as soon as they wake up. And outside, at 5:10pm I think about 20 people stopped to have a chat about the cute puppy. I promptly tweeted that were I a single straight man I’d keep puppies on tap, they are a way better chick magnet than some fancy car.

So that was Jo’s big adventure today. I’m not sure she loved it, she’s a bit of a sook and likes her dads more than strangers (to her).

On a note, she’s off to the vet tomorrow for some more shots and if not already, a microchip implant. Gonna cost lots of dosh, but then, that’s what puppies do.

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